English Camp

English Camp is a great way for students to practice their English in a fun and different way. There is a group of people from USA who will be coming to Estonia to run the 5 days of camp.


We will have games, activities, group talks, discussion times and a lot of fun! Our theme for the week is "Did you get my message?". You'll find out more about the theme once we're there. Besides the planned activities, we will also have free time to hang out with the American youth and get to know them better.
Last year's camp was described by some of those who came as the best days of their summer, and we hope to make camp even better this year! So pack your bags and be ready for English Camp 2016!




Date and Time

July 24-28, 2016
Afterparty: July 29
Registration ends: July 15
PRICE: 45.- €

Your registration will be valid as soon as your payment is done at:
a/a: EE062200221027903448 (Swedbank)
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Do you have questions?
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Grete-Maarja Tött
Phone: 53 807 392
e-mail: gretemaarja@toompeakogudus.ee

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